Topics (but not limited to)

Materials physics, materials analysis and characterization
Mathematical physics
Medical physics
Nanoscale science and low-D systems
Nuclear physics
Optics, quantum optics and lasers
Particle physics and field theory
Plasma and fusion physics
Electronics and devices
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation
Signal and image processing
Video Processing
Pattern Recognition and Object Tracking
Audio and Electro-acoustics
Antennas and Microwave
Wireless Communications and Networks
Geo-informative Systems
Grid Computing
Pervasive Computing
Digital Image and Video Processing
Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Data Mining and Cloud Computing
Computer Architecture
Computer Networks
Distributed Computing
Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing
Optimization Techniques
Human-Computer Interaction
Theoretical Computer Science
Computer Applications
Broad Band Communication
Computer and Intelligent Communication
Mobile and Optical Communication
Wireless Communication
Mobile and Optical Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Security
Advanced VLSI Systems
Embedded Wireless Systems
Medical Informatics
Condensed matter: electrical, magnetic and optical
Electrical and Electronic Materials and Process
Semiconductor Technology